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Processed Coconut

Petrow Food Group process desiccated coconut at our BRC accredited modern plant in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Sourcing and Grading

These Coconut products are mainly sourced from the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka from our approved mills and thoroughly inspected and tested on intake to ensure the finest product quality and food safety.

Many factors affect the sourcing, quality and price of the coconut. These can be weather events such as typhoons, other natural disasters, currency fluctuations or geopolitical factors. We can advise our customers on the current market, future risk considerations and the crop cycles of the various origins so together we can decide when is the best time to buy coconut products and cover forward requirements.

The Coconut tree is a member of the palm tree family and is known for its versatility of uses, from food to cosmetics. The coconut can be processed for oil or coconut milk/cream & water or the flesh can be dried and used as desiccated coconut (DC).

Coconut trees like sandy soil and thrive in sunny areas with abundant rainfall and have spread widely across the globe from the ancestral population in the Philippines. Other main producing and exporting countries are Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam. The coconut palms do not have the seasonality associated with fruits and nuts and are continuously produced throughout the year, but with a few months of lean season where less flesh is produced in the mature coconuts.

Processed Coconut Products

Desiccated coconut comes in several grades of granule size from medium DC to fine and extra fine. At origin up to 50ppm of SO2 can be added as a preservative or the DC can be left SO2 free.

We take DC into our dedicated plant and further process this into a milled and flaked product or Flaked cream which is ideal for sauces and ready meals, or we can grind it into a very fine Coconut flour. For bakery, confectionary and other uses we can sweeten and tenderise medium DC or produce more exotic coconut variants such as sweetened and tenderised long thread.

As we import raw coconut chips for resale, we can toast these to produce toasted chips. Raw and toasted chips are widely used in snack products and breakfast cereals.

The groups of variants below are currently our most in-demand and thus most are available ex stock but we are happy to assist customers with their product enquiries and can offer bespoke or value engineered ingredients solutions. Please contact our NPD/sales team for more information.


Flaked Cream

Coconut Flour

Coconut Sweetened and Tenderised

Coconut Chips and Toasted Chips

We commonly sell the raw materials we use for processing these coconut products as imported origin bulk packs.

Raw Ingredients